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Payment is not due until after services are completed. We will send an invoice after.

Yes! It's free to meet with one of our Certified Arborists. They do not schedule appointments, typically. However, they can offer a call before they come to your home. We have a wait time of 2 months for estimates.

We deep root fertilize in the Spring from late March until early June. Once the ground is hard and the temperatures are high on a regular basis, we stop. When temperatures begin to settle down again, we start Fall fertilization from late September until late November or once the grounds freezes.

Plant Health Care

If we are treating the trees for an Iron or Magnesium deficiency, we recommend deep root fertilization on an annual basis to help green up the foliage.

Tree Maintenance

If we are doing a deep root fertilization to help your trees establish into new soil, or are trying to pull out stress to provide the necessary nutrients the tree needs, we recommend every other year.

The buds on trees set in the Fall, which shows which branches will produce leaves in the Spring. The branches with no buds are dead and therefore will need to be pruned. The branches with buds are alive and will be left alone.