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Tree Maintenance

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Our Method

Tree Maintenance is a large part of what we do at J&A Ford Tree Care. We provide pruning, shaping & removal services for our clients. Our company utilizes the latest equipment to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible. This includes a Spider Lift, Bucket Truck, Bobcat with multiple attachments, and two different-sized stumpers.

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Pruning of trees is done when we remove the deadwood, broken limbs, or thin out the trees. Each one is a specific service within pruning and is not always performed on a tree when it is pruned. Pruning may also be done to reduce limbs off a house or to also raise a tree up to a desired height.

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Shaping of trees is done to reduce a tree's size and to create a desired shape. This is also done on shrubbery as well. Shaping is done at our clients properties on a regular basis. Some of the most common trees and shrubs that are shaped are Crabapples and Arborvitae.

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Tree Removal

Tree removals are typically our last resort, unless a tree cannot be saved or it is requested by a client. We are able to remove trees and also stump the roots when requested.

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Diagnose Your Trees

Having a plant problem? Visit the Purdue Plant Doctor to determine the cause of your problem.