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Plant Health Care

At J&A Ford Tree Care, we create a maintenance program for our clients. Those services include sprays, fertilizations or injections.

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Spraying of trees is typically done on an annual basis. Sprays are done on the foliage, and are just like they sound. A technician sprays the treatment directly onto the trees or shrubs that are being treated. Reasons for sprays typically include fungus, insects, borers, or mites. Sprays normally range anywhere from one application to three in a season. However, every property is different and may require more depending on the situation.

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Fertilizations are when a probe is inserted into the ground at the drip line of the tree. Most fertilizations are done every other year. The exception is when a tree is treated with Iron or Manganese, those are done every year. Reasons for fertilizations are to help newly planted trees establish into the soil, increase vigor, provide nutrients that are lacking, and to encourage better root or canopy growth.

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Tree injections involve the direct delivery of nutrients, pesticides, or other substances into a tree's vascular system through its trunk. Doing this will provide more precise benefits over traditional soil applications. This method facilitates efficient nutrient absorption, offers precise control for pest and disease management, ensures a quick response to issues, and minimizes the impact on the environment. Tree injections are recommended in various scenarios: to combat pest or disease infestations, address nutrient deficiencies, implement preventative measures for high-risk areas, and to maintain control in urban environments where spray drift may pose concerns. It's essential to consult with certified arborists for a thorough assessment and tailored recommendations to meet the specific needs of each tree.

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Diagnose Your Trees

Having a plant problem? Visit the Purdue Plant Doctor to determine the cause of your problem.